An atmospheric horror game, set in a dead woods.

The world around you may not be what you think it is. How long will you keep seeing it as it says?

  • Please give it some time to load the assets.
  • Play with sounds on!
  • Avoid moving to a different page while playing the game, it tends to ruin the audio.
  • Play in full screen for the best experience!
  • Earphones highly recommended.

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Development log


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As others already said, The atmosphere was breathtaking. The pauses, the breaks in text, the fact the player couldn't click to fast forward built the anticipation, and the payoff was wonderful, even if it wasn't what I imagined. 

The cuts where you hear a voice yelling out was jarring, and really added to the feeling of being alone in the woods without idea what was going on. 

The art that was colored in the same way as the text, and kept the immersion on peak. 

The text even looked textured?! How did you do that? 

The only suggestion I got is, when I started rereading over the text for grammar and such, I noticed a few that looked like they were bolded or italics, but it was hard to tell given the text style and color. Definitely not a big issue, and there was still hints that they were different. 

I second what undragoncolorado said, how did you implement the sounds so well into the game?

Excellent game, I got drawn into it so much I forgot one of my original intentions was to help check for spelling, rofl.  I had to replay a couple of times.  Well done!

 I have to be honest for once: the one thing that actually nearly caused me to fall of my chair was not the eerie wind, nor the fast heartbeat, not even the creepy lady at the waterfall, it was the horrifying call of: "REEZE?!!

Love the atmosphere and sound effects, the images and slow/unskippable text brought you very immersed in the world. I was sincerely waiting at every second for a jumpscare to pop up at my face. But apparently it wasn't needed in this game, you had other elements to replace it and still make it horrific.

Good work, if anything, I would like to know how you implemented the sound effects on Twine, since other devs in the jam (including me) tried with their games and didn't manage to pull it off.

I don't do too well with horror games. I was on edge the whole time! Very nice sound effects, imagining what's going on without knowing what's really going on is terrifying huh? Being unable to skip ahead, and letting the story play through... really ties the whole experience together! I liked the tree, really brings into perspective what size of the forest would be. 

Very nice horror game :) I was :0 throughout. I liked the sound effects, really helps immerse you in the game. 

This was a chilling experience. The sound design is fantastic and the story is riveting!

Thank you! <3


Very nicely done. A really fantastic job with the sound effects. They made the story very tense!

Thank you so much!